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Carbon filters

Due to high sorption capacity of activated carbons they are widely used in many branches of industry. However, to achieve the expected effect it is necessary to ensure optimal conditions that will make the adsorption process the most efficient. Apart from using the appropriate activated carbon (in terms of origin and its internal structure), selecting of a proper carbon filter is also extremely important. Only an appropriately selected filter unit will ensure an effective and safe exploitation of the carbon deposit. The following factors have impact on the final draft of the project:

  • type and quantity the medium being filtered
  • temperature of the medium being filtered
  • concentration of pollutants
  • the required level of the reduction in contamination
  • the required working time of the carbon filter

Consideration of the aforementioned factors allows choosing an optimal solution of filtration, corresponding with the client's needs. Thanks to their large experience of the ACES specialists will be able to help you with selecting a proper solution. Our company offers, among others, small filters made from black steel used for treatment of leachate waters and container modules for purifying air streams faster than 30 000 m3/h. The ACES carbon filters may be used in wherever it is necessary to effectively reduce the quantity of organic and some inorganic compounds. It can be applied for example in:

  • purification of drinking water
  • sewage treatment
  • reduction of VOC (filters for lacquering cabins, filters for paint shops, etc.)
  • deodorizing (waste transfer halls, sorting plants, sewage treatment plants),
  • purification of biogas (removal of hydrogen sulphide, removal of siloxanes),

Broad technical possibilities and the use of modern technologies enable us to make highly efficient carbon filters compliant with customer's guidelines. Apart from delivering carbon filters and activated carbons, we offer comprehensive services in the construction of industrial filter circuits, which includes preparing the project and construction of the filtration unit.

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