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Filter beds filling, replacement of the filter bed


ACES SA specializes in filling municipal and industrial filtering installations with activated carbons, anthracites, sands and other filter beds.

We guarantee professional consulting when selecting the filter beds (all our filter beds are of the highest quality and have polish certificates), calculating particular filter beds, maintenance, repairing and startup of filters.

Thanks to full automation of the process (hydraulic filling) we are able to provide sterile work conditions and considerably shorten the time it takes to complete the order, depending on size of the facility.

A comprehensive offer of the filter beds delivery, along with filling and start-up, includes the following:

  • sale of the filter beds that meet the applicable standards;
  • transport of the filter beds to the indicated place;
  • unloading and hydraulic or pneumatic filter beds filling of the filters;
  • statking the filter beds in filters in layers;
  • rinsing of the filter bed to remove any undersize and possible pollutants;
  • supplementing of the filter beds losses resulting from washing out the undersize;
  • creating sifting curves of the filter beds;
  • disinfection of the filter beds;
  • technological supervision over the works performed.

All activities related to the delivery of the filter beds and filter filling are performed under our technological supervision, with the use of high class equipment and experienced staff.



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