Water is the essential ingredient for life. To be suitable for consumption, it must conform to particular parameters specified, among others, in the Regulation of the Polish Minister of Health of 29 March 2007 on the quality of water intended for human consumption (Journal of Laws No. 61, item 417). Before delivery to the water supply system, it undergoes purification with the use of filter beds, to reduce the content of iron, manganese and ammonia compounds and also to ensure acceptable hardness level. Fe, Mn and NH3 are reduced on quartz filter beds, often supported with anthracite and pyrolusite, while hardness reduction is most often carried out with the use of dolomitic filter beds. There is no universal method for selection of filter beds to be used in water purification processes. Depending of water origin, its parameters and filtering profile vary on every intake. Proper filter bed selection is a major element of the water purification technology.

There is no universal method for selection of filter beds for water treatment purposes. Every case is different and requires individual approach, to ensure reduction of contaminants to levels specified in the Minister's Regulation with the use of a selected filter bed. In particular, raw water properties determine the necessity of treatment in a single or double stage system, while the content of unwanted compounds is the condition for using only quartz filter beds or supporting them with anthracite and/or pyrolusite. Raw water intake location, filter tank design and drainage system are the key factors for proper choice of granulation and the number of filter beds to be used in the treatment process.

It is impossible to achieve the right filter bed configuration without proper knowledge and experience. In order to help all clients who have problems with water treatment, we have launched a filter bed selection service. Based on raw water parameters, our knowledge and experience, we can set filter beds to match any case of application. As a producer of activated carbons and supplier of filter beds, we know the exact properties of individual products and are able to configure them according to the customer's needs, considering the best performance possibilities and cost efficiency. Proposed solution is verified using a pilot kit during the trial period. This allows to confirm without a doubt that the filter bed configuration is effective and meets all customer's requirements. The obtained results indicate that no errors occurred at the design stage and that the parameters of water treatment conform to the regulatory provisions. After the trial of the pilot system, the decision on the purchase of filter beds does not imply any risk, as the materials used in the pilot solution come from the same source. Complemented with the offered professional filter bed filling services, our offer is an end-to-end solution that facilitates implementation of water treatment technology at the customer's plant. This solution is particularly addressed to customers facing the need of raw water treatment with very high iron and manganese content, high hardness level and aggressive carbon dioxide.

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