For many years we have been supplying highest quality materials for water purification and special applications. We offer filter beds conforming to European and Polish standards, with proper certifications allowing to use them in drinking water supply systems.


Mechanical treatment


high quality silicate mineral from the garnet group, used for mechanical removal of contaminants from liquids. Considering its unique hardness (approx. 7.5 on the Mohs scale) and abrasion resistance, it is a perfect liquid filtering medium for multi-media systems in various branches of industry.


Iron and manganese removal


Filter bed for catalytic removal of manganese compounds from water.


Filtering material for manganese removal. Round grain with coarse surface have slightly alkalising inner part covered with catalytic layer of hydrated manganese oxide.


Filtering material with coarse grain surface and sharp edges ensures very good treatment performance, while slightly alkaline environment supports iron and manganese removal processes.


Special purpose materials


Chemically active material used for removal of chlorine dissolved in water.


Spherical filtering material composed of magnesium compounds, used e.g. for neutralisation of acidic wastewater, process water, acidic condensate.


Deacidification and neutralisation


Spherical alkalising dolomitic filtering material. Abrasion resistant spherical grains.


Highly active filtering material. Rounded grains with porous structure.


Alkalising dolomitic filtering material with irregular grains.


Highly reactive carbonate filtering material with spherical grain, used for water neutralisation.


Microcrystalline carbonate filtering material. Irregular grains with non-porous structure.


We also offer chemically active materials supporting neutralisation of wastewater, condensate and process water or filtration of sediment particles to the size of 5 microns. Here you can also find liquid deacidification and chlorine removal materials. Check our offer now. If you have any problems with choosing the right product, contact us – we can help you select proper filtering material and answer any questions.