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Ferrotex filters

Filtration deposits, such as dried filtration sands, Hydro-Anthracite and mass, are used by every water treatment station. They constitute the filter filling and are used, among others, in removal of iron compounds and manganese. The FERROTEX filters line is part of the offer of ACES SA addressed to the customers looking for complex solutions in treatment of drinking water.

FERROTEX filters are the basic equipment of each water treatment station. They are used to remove iron compounds, manganese, ammonium compounds and turbidity. Anthracites and filtration sands are used as filter filling.

Technical specification of filters:

  • Materials used: filter elements (convex bottoms, the cylindrical part, the grid nozzle, hatches, connectors, etc.) are made of carbon steel and have all required certificates. Pressure filter may also be made of austenitic steel (no. AISI 304, 316L),
  • Working pressure Pmax=6 bar, acceptable temperature T=20ºC
  • Corrosion protection: internal: polyester resin or epoxy resine with polish certificates for contact with drinking water prior to preparation of surfaces, in accordance with class of cleanliness, Sa2,5; externally: according to DIN EN ISO12944 standard of corrosion category C3 M. It is possible to apply an anti-corrosive protection in accordance with classes C3 – C5. Our offer also includes the possibility of double-side hot galvanization and application of internal ebonite linings.
  • Filter's equipment: hatches – upper, lower, side; flange connector pipes; grid nozzle with filter nozzles or lateral filtering system.
  • Upon individual request, the manufacturer can make structural changes in the construction of the filter, including: the location and diameters of the connection stub pipes and hatches, changes in the position of the cylindrical part of the filter, application of different types of bottoms.

Each of the Ferrotex filters is available in two versions, presented on figures shown below.

The Ferrotex filter: scheme 1

The Ferrotex filter: scheme 1

The Ferrotex filter: scheme II

The Ferrotex filter: scheme II

Description of the connector pipes

M – automatic vent, T – manual vent, L – feeding hatch, E – supply and discharge water connector pipes, K – inspection manhole

The table below presents the basic dimensions of filters (click to enlarge).

Ferrotex filters: dimensions

Ferrotex filters: dimensions




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