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  • We invite you to review our information on biogas cleaning.
  • We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of HDPE filters
  • Ferrotex filters – already in our offer
  • Sorbotech carbons – check out our wide range of products


Sorbotech carbons

We invite you to learn more about our activated carbons. Here you can learn more about our Sorbotech carbons.

Ferrotex filters

We invite you to learn more about the Ferrotex filters line which will allow you to use our filter beds for drinking water purification.

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Biogas Cleaning

filtry ferrotex

Hydrogen sulfide and siloxanes are unwanted biogas components. ACES SA has efficient solutions to remove the substances.

Ferrotex filters

ferrotex filters

FERROTEX filters are the basic equipment of each water treatment station. They are used to remove iron compounds, manganese, ammonium compounds and turbidity.

Sorbotech carbons

activated carbon

Bituminous coal, coconut shell, wood or impregnated activated carbons. Depending on the customer's needs they can be granulated, extruded or powdered.




ACES SA invites you to acquaint yourself with the offer of high quality filter materials with a wide range of applications. The offer includes, among other things, activated carbon - Anthracite

Professional filter charging

Professional filter charging

ACES SA is a professional filter charging company specializing in backfilling of activated carbons, anthracites, sands and other filter beds for the filter circuits. We guarantee professional consulting.

Activated carbon

Activated carbon

The ACES company's offer includes a wide selection of activated carbons for various purposes. We invite you to become acquainted with the various fields where the activated carbons is used.



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