Using painting and drying chambers results in considerably higher production efficiency and ensures high quality of paint coat. Considering the high production output, using such equipment is followed by increased emission of Volatile Organic Compounds to the air. Highly effective Sorbofil® filters offered by ACES provide a simple solution to that problem.

An increasing number of production plants decide to install painting and drying chambers. It allows them to ensure high quality of paint coat, with increased production efficiency. Painting chamber ensures consistency of the coating process in terms of dustiness, proper coating and drying temperature as well as adequate ventilation.

Increased productivity is inevitably related with an increase in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emission to the air. Most frequently occurring compounds include toluene, xylene and propane-2-ol. The total VOCs content in gases produced in painting chambers depends on the volume and type of paint used and may reach several hundred milligrams per each square metre of released air. The volume of gases is related with the size of the chamber and may reach several dozens of square metres per hour.

In order to protect the natural environment, users of these systems are obliged to reduce VOCs emission to the air. A few important aspects should determine the choice of a proper solution:

  • process stages (current concentration depends on the stage of the works, including preparation for coating, coating and drying)
  • volume and type of paint and solvents in use
  • plant operation mode
  • air flow rate
  • physical and chemical parameters of gases

Adsorption on activated carbon is the best method to reduce VOCs emission from the air released from painting chambers. In order to ensure proper operating conditions for a carbon filter bed (filtering rate, contact length), right carbon filter has to be used. We offer a variety of Sorbofil® filters that ensure proper purification conditions for gas streams with flow rates from several hundred to several thousand square metres per hour. With our specially designed units, carbon bed properties can be fully used, while high purification efficiency can be reached thanks to high quality Sorbotech® GE carbons. Considering carbon filters installation at the painting chamber assembly stage allows correlation of the filters automatics with the chamber control system and facilitates the selection of an appropriate ventilation fan for the chamber and the filter.

Our team is ready to help you in choosing the right solution.

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